Leave Your Assault Charges to a Professional

Work with an assault attorney in Syracuse, NY

Assault charges are no joke, and you could be facing serious charges if convicted. Fortunately, you don't have to face your assault charge alone. Joseph Francis Bergh Esq Attorney At Law can assist. With his help, you can have a better shot at dropped or reduced charges.

Trust a professional to work hard to clear your name of assault charges. Call Mr. Bergh's office in Syracuse, NY to discuss your situation.

Wondering what kind of defense can apply to assault?

Assault is a serious charge that stems from an equally serious situation. Finding an attorney should be the first step you take if you're facing assault charges. If you're dealing with these serious charges, Joseph Francis Bergh Esq Attorney At Law in Syracuse, NY can represent you.

Mr. Bergh understands the potential ways to approach an assault case. A few of the possible defenses to assault include:

  • Consent
  • Self-defense
  • Lack of injury or intent
Consent defenses are not applicable for second-degree assault involving a weapon or third-degree assault where there's intent to injure.

Mr. Bergh will meet with you to determine what kind of defense to take for your case. This decision hinges on the circumstances surrounding your situation, so he'll work hard to understand your situation and seek the best possible outcome for you.

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